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And Now! – this important message!

Africa gets fucked over yet again!

I’m wondering if this has anything to do with it?

Dear Owner Of Email-Address,
I am the current Barclays Bank Group Chairman. This is to remind you
that your inheritance fund in the amount of 10.5 Million US Dollars
only  is still available with us and ready to be remitted to you
through our local branch/correspondence Bank in your Country.
Keep in mind, however, that No other bank has access to these funds
and non of them are authorized to handle transfer of  your fund to you
and no other bank will actually be able to successfully transfer your
funds to you, because they have no lawful warrant, authorization and
support of the World Financial Governing Authorities.
We are the only Bank, jointly designated and authorized by the World
Financial Governing Authorities via my desk to access your fund and
transfer it to your nominated bank account and the current British
Prime Minister also has gaven his Honorable consent.
consequently, you are requested to as soon as possible reconfirm your
information to ascertain and only the charges needed to obtain consent
of your Government to allow your fund to repatriated to your Country
via our local Branch/Correspondence Bank prior to credit of your
nominated bank account.
Looking forward in hearing from you,
Nigel Higgins, (Group Chairman),
Barclays Bank Plc,
Registered number: 1026167,
1 Churchill Place, London, ENG E14 5HP,
Direct Telephone: +44 770 000 8965,

Editor: I love that he’s called NIGEL 🙂

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