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Texans to murder yet another one.

Pretty worrisome that this guy has to have his shirts labelled. Don’t Texans know who their elected representatives are?

It’s the American way. Revenge killing. In the photo above, top professional killers greet each other with a handshake. Both living the illusion that taking another’s life is simply part of their “duty” – whatever the fuck that means, and by calling it “justified” makes it so.

Pretty sure if their mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters were to be executed in front of them, their world view and belief systems would be immediately altered. Permanently.

In less than 78hrs, the killer in the white shirt will participate in the state-sanctioned murder of yet another poor (in EVERY sense of the word) soul #TroyClark READ Troy Clark’s horrific history as victim and add your voice to protest this murder.

There is ONE WOMAN who is bringing to bear as much pressure on Governor Abbott as she can, Helen Prejean, C.S.J. As the world’s most tireless advocate for human rights, her work with condemned prisoners in the U.S. legal system (I hesitate to call it justice – because it is fundamentally flawed – killing to show killing is wrong; WTF?) has mercifully altered many American’s viewpoint on what constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment.

Read on for the case details :

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