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Soooo… I’m UP ! Jeese Louise… can the headline be any more specific?

I’m lying in bed thinking about what topic our readers (that’s YOU) would enjoy for the Sunday Series, when I fall on this.

Cruising along on my iPad I finish yet another article on a Men’s bespoke tailoring site and after scrolling to the bottom there’s the above pic of some dolt staring at his junk. That’s when I read the headline and here we are. PERFECT.

Not surprisingly, the website is called The Idle Man. Of course. If you’re able to find the time to shave your nuts… wow, your life must be pretty pretty fucking empty so far…

Let’s hope the razor slips and fuckface gets a wake up call. I haven’t read the article and frankly I don’t know if I should. If there’s only one life rule I can impart to my male offspring, it is this : KEEP ANYTHING SHARP AS FAR AWAY FROM YOUR BALLSACK AS POSSIBLE. WTF? (Imma read it tomorrow and see what the rocket scientist has to say)

Enjoy? Leave us a comment. Or TWO.

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