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WHY are so many Amerikins “gun-retarded?”

Big hairy man monkey thing

Big hairy man monkey thing

Maybe it’s because their male children are unfairly influenced by that country’s penchant for military service?

Becoming a licensed killer (soldier) is, for many American teens the pre-determined path waiting for them because their fathers, brothers, uncles, brother-in-law and even grandfathers have also “served” (up death) in all their bullshit wars since 1945. THINK. Once people started figuring out that NOBODY was attacking their country but US soldiers were all over the planet in countless “theaters” of WAR – Love those euphemisms (google it dummy) – KILLING PEOPLE, something had to be done. Enter the New threat, “terror-ism” – NOW america need soldiers more than ever 🙂 BLIND, OBEDIENT, STUPID, FUCKS. WITH GUNS !!

Sooo…again. WHY do the children of America (not the dead ones killed by gun violence – the NRA won’t discuss those poor souls) CONTINUE to be retarded? You would THINK (there’s that hurtful word agin’) in today’s INTER-NATION-AL climate the male amerikin would GET IT… NO. HE DON’T. NO EDUCATION MAKES FOR A DUMB FUCK.

The legitimacy and RESPECT bestowed upon the new “war” survivors is readily depicted in that country’s cinema with alarming frequency. The boys want to be famous. Celebrity and fame are the new generation’s Black Plague. (FUCK American IDOL)

But when you’ve been sent to military boot camp – end up handcuffed to a lethal weapon (Hello Hollywould?) and BRAINWASHED to believe the murders you are committing are OK – because your government sanctions this – tenderness, mercy and THINKING are the first casualties. You STOP thinking, you STOP questioning because it’s UN-AMERICAN. Bullshit! if you cannot THINK straight – you’re RETARDED.

Can you really say that RAMBO should have been given a gun? Fuck no! Unfortunately the evident lesson in presenting this “living weapon” movie was lost on their populace. Boys and “men” flocked to the theaters to see the BIG guns and then went home dreaming of how they would obtain one of their own. BIG hardons all around.

Never forget – these people are UN-EDUCATED fucktards. The military is the ONLY place they will ever belong. Their superiors (officers) are the ones who got all the college training. They are also the guys sitting in the “war” rooms, making all the plays (think football without a ball) sending these poor assholes to their young deaths.

WAR, MONEY and Pussy. In that order.

AMERICA. It’s ALWAYS about the money.


  Kindra M. Austin wrote @

It’s my understanding that even though recruitment goals are projected to be met, it will be difficult. I think the real issue regarding Gun Retardedness (that is not a word) is that there has been a long time regression of intelligence that is now spreading to the northern states.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Hi Sweetheart – how’s life treatin’ ya? (of course it’s a word you dummy – look it up! 🙂

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