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Amerikin Boyz and their War Toyz

Penile Power

Ever notice how all missiles are penis-shaped? That’s no accident…

Unbelievably, last week the local newspaper featured a photo of the bomb the US military used to murder men in the tunnels of Afghanistan.

Only the amerikins would actually NAME a bomb (wonder what North Korea’s Kimmy will be naming his before shoving it up America’s ass – maybe after his dead daddy?) and the US dubbed theirs – and i quote – “the mother of all bombs” WHAT THE FUCK!?

My immediate reaction was – the poor fuckers in the caves really don’t care WHAT you name your killing machines – so who’s the snappy name for? Trumpy? The WH Press Secretary having fun? That whole “America First” thingy now even applies to BOMBING schedules! (that’s some sick shit)

PS: Over 73% of an American’s taxpayer’s dollars go to the US Military!!! The republicant’s are going to reduce spending on Health Care and increase military budgets. Par for the course. Ever wonder why the PRICE TAG of this thing was not released?

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