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Dump Trump: January Report

Hope you had a good holiday season – and now for the floor show. Donny Trump.


This assclown takes hisself waaaayyyyy too seriously. Butt, once you’ve bought half of NY, your EGO craves just a bit more in order to still get it up. I must admit I have NOT been following his shit at all; much too busy living MY life. But for those adle-minded souls out there (Republicants) whose very self valuation is linked to what the GOP is doing today (and what FOX news tells them to think) it’s nothing short of orgasmic for them to rally behind yet another asshole candidate. Remember Georgy Bushed? Can you believe they supported that freak?

Methinks Donny is just bored and is amusing himself. Don’t forget that every dime he spends running for office is a tax writeoff, and God knows the rich can always use another tax deduction.

Comments? This horror show deserves only one thing – discussion.

ps: I was only kidding about republicans having souls (and orgasms) you knew that was fiction, right?

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