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The High Cost of Beautiful

Imagine that you lived in a world where all the products you put on your body were made by companies that were entirely unregulated and had complete freedom to put in any number of chemical fillers as long as it did the job (even just temporarily!)

It’s already happening today and there’s big money in cheap ingredients. How do you think these companies can afford to put up huge advertisements with celebrities and new products every couple of weeks or months ?

Big brand cosmetics may contain some novel new compounds but for the most part they contain many other tag along chemicals that do not support inner beauty or inner health.

People often associate big brand names with higher quality. The truth is, these companies are oftentimes so profitable because of how affordable their ingredients are. The combined impact of these products can take a serious toll on the body.

Just as an eye opening example, the FDA recently found lead in ALL lipsticks tested ! and the average woman consumes 4 to 9 pounds of lipstick in a lifetime ! Not so appetizing…of course with the promise of outer beauty…it’s all very enticing.

The alternatives can be just as wonderful and with more strengthening long terms effects once you can find what works with your complexion. Things like tamanu nut oil, hyaluronic acid and even a number of essential oils have wonderful effects and things like coconut oil have a variety of uses in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the bedroom. With the entire industry driven by the profits through fear of aging it’s an easy sell, but people always are left scratching their heads years down the road when a strange symptom or disease arises.

Simple lesson from all this: find a few healthy organic alternatives that work for your skin type and stick with them or rotate them or depending on how you eat you may only need to use them even less frequently than regular cosmetics.

Here’s another eye opener, have a look !

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