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Magic Jack wants to jack your browser history!

Surely you’ve seen the commercials for Magic Jack, a device you can plug into your personal computer for really cheap phone service. It sounds too good to be true, so… is there a catch or is Magic Jack a scam?”

JUST READ their TOS (Terms of service) and i can’t say i’m surprised… NOTHING IS FREE in this life (yes, i meant INCLUDING sex)

We collect certain personal information about you, including your registration data, 911 registered address, billing and credit card information… AND…

  • Your Contact list (people)
  • service usage records (call duration, call location, number calling and number called)

In addition, their “software”

Wait, it gets even better!!!!


This shit is SPYWARE!!!

We use your personal information to “provide” advertisements and classifieds of relevance to you, based on your service usage records and information collected from your web browser (as described in paragraph 12 “Advertisements”). You understand that by accepting this Agreement and using the services you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, as set forth in this Agreement.

On the other hand, if u DON’T CARE about the Collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, as set forth in their Agreement, then fuck me, enjoy talking to anybody you like, just be sure to tell them it’s ALL being monitored AND ARCHIVED. These fuckers are SELLING your info for profit. Dunno bout you, but paying $20. ANNUALLY has just got to have strings attached. Nuff’ said. I don’t like to be watched.


  eebrinker wrote @

lol …. yep. don’t surprise me. there’s an interesting legal battle in Spain at the moment … regarding google listing private names.

they don’t nip this in the bud now …. the internet will just become a fascist highway. and i have nothing to hide, and still pisses me the hell off on the amount of capitalization via personal information. —– good blog


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Hi Eileen! Shit4Brainz never answers his “fan mail” – hell, he don’t answer ANY mail – so please keep us updated on Spain. Cheers!


  ed fields wrote @

I have a dear friends that belongs I feel if getting scammed by some pricks using a magic jack system. If they collect personal info on people using them does anyone have any ideas on how I could use this against these assholes.


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