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Lesson Thirteen | Mental Self-Thought Poisoning

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Every thought or emotion vibrates through every cell in the body and leaves an influence like itself. To be healthy, happy, and successful, we must be good.

There is no other road to true happiness and real prosperity.

Did you realize that it is possible to read in your face and manner the record
of your thoughts; that your face is a bulletin board upon which is advertised
what has been going on in your mind for years?

A healthy body is composed of healthy thought externalized, out-pictured. And,
too, it follows the ideals, and as long as one holds the youthful, vigorous,
progressive, energetic, creative ideal in their mind their body responds to the

Just try the experiment of thinking of yourself as an absolutely perfect being,
possessing superb health, a magnificent body, a vigorous constitution, a
sublime mind, and capable of standing any amount of strain.

Never allow yourself to have a defective, crippled, dwarfed ideal of yourself;
never entertain such an imperfect health model for an instant, for these mental
patterns of yourself will gradually begin to be reproduced in your physical

Our ideas, ideals, thoughts, emotions, moods, our mental attitude, send a
constant succession of vibrations through every cell, every organ, and through
all the functions of the body. There is a perpetual succession of these
impulses through the entire mass of the millions of cells.

It is now well established that vicious mental states, violent emotions and
explosive passions, make chemical changes in the brain and poison the cells
life through the whole body.

We are much more susceptible to disease when suffering from any sort of mental
discord, discouragement, or the “blues,” because of the cell damage
due to the presence of chemical changes, the impairment of nutrition, imperfect
digestion, and mental self-poisoning.

When discordant from worry, anxiety, anger, revenge, or jealousy, you may know
that these things drain away your energy, waste your vitality at a fearful
rate, and not only do no good, but also grind away the delicate mental
machinery, inducing premature age and shortening the life.

Worry thoughts, fear thoughts, selfish thoughts are so many malignant forces within us, destroying
harmony and ruining efficiency, while the opposite thoughts produce just the
opposite result. They soothe instead of irritate, and increase efficiency,
multiply mental power.

Five minutes of hot temper may work such havoc in the
delicate cell life of the nervous system that it will take weeks or months to
repair the injury, or it may never be repaired.

Many people keep themselves in a state of chronic self-poisoning by their
embittered, revengeful, hateful, jealous thoughts, selfishness or by their
violent tempers and fits of raging passion. These self-prisoners not only
destroy their present happiness and success, but also many years of their

  • Whatever improves the health of the mind improves the health of the body.

The uplifting, inspiring, cheerful and optimistic thought is not only a great
mental tonic, but a physical tonic also.

Never allow yourself to be convinced that you are not complete master of
yourself. Stoutly affirm your own superiority over bodily ills, and do not
acknowledge yourself the slave of an inferior power.

Love is the normal law of our being, and any departure from the love though
must result in anarchy of the physical economy, because the law of our being
has been violated.

It is not difficult to shut out poisonous thoughts from the mind. All one need
do is to substitute the opposite thought to that which produces the fatal
poison, for it will always furnish the antidote. Discord can not exist in the
presence of harmony. The charitable thought, the love thought, will very
quickly kill the jealousy, the hate, and the revenge though, if we force
pleasant, cheerful pictures into the mind, the gloomy, “blue”
thoughts will have to get out.

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