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Archive for December, 2010

PART TWO | Promise Keeper!


Christmas morning hangover. What else can I say? The wine and rum combination was a bad idea. I should say the rum and wine combination was a bad idea.
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ANONYMOUS | Die Strategie der WikiLeaks-Fangemeinde


Dec. 10th is International Human Rights Day

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World-Wide Feature Theatre…

Abnormally Freaky Amerikin Army Arm

If you don't think the Amerikin Gov't twisted Sweden's arm in order to "stop" Julian Assange, pleaze leave this blog now. You're too stupid to stay 🙂 PS: do NOT zoom the phreaky photo!!

Methinks it’s about time i weigh in on the wikileaks.x fiasco. Here goes:
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Texas Judge puts the American death penalty on trial

American Death Chamber

A Houston judge on Monday began a hearing on the legality of the death penalty in Texas, which executes more convicts than any other U.S. state, and will render a high-profile judgment that could influence the national debate on capital punishment.
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Lesson Thirteen | Mental Self-Thought Poisoning

MotherGod Matriarchy Photo

Every thought or emotion vibrates through every cell in the body and leaves an influence like itself. To be healthy, happy, and successful, we must be good.

There is no other road to true happiness and real prosperity.
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