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The Road through Alcoholism…

Once again Kentucky deluxe comes to mind.

shootin the fog

A trailer in the tree’s and an old hound in a shallow grave. I shot my own dog. He was in a bit of a coma like state- having heart worms I guess.

I couldn’t much take him to the vet. He was big and mean sometimes..not really mean..he was crazy..rough childhood or some bullshit thing.

He laid in the car port for a day or two before I shot him in the head with a 22.

He put one foot out and pressed against the trunk of a tree and I shot him again.

The only thing to drink in the entire trailer was Miller lite that somebody left. I’d been sober for three weeks and I owed it to that dog to get drunk, but I didn’t. Not just then. i would later get drunk on Rum and Coke after this crazy old bitch showed up an AA meeting in Palestine and I couldnt bring myself to go in and admit that I’d fucked her SOBER aahh for crying out loud. We will not regret the past or wish to close the door on it my ass. I was parked in the parking lot of a liquor store anyway, because i didn’t want anyone to see my car parked outside the AA place.

So I went in and bought the Rum and Coke and after thirty days with no booze I could feel the rum make my tummy numb. I didn’t bury the dog very deep, but nothing dug him up while I was there. I was there six years and it seems like a dream now.

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