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We’re still in VANCOUVER, CANADA for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games!!

The swelling of Canadian pride is amazing to see. A nation known for its humble nature has suddenly become – patriotic!

Mid-winter break has been good to us – we have another week to go! – Since i once lived here in Vancouver years ago, i know my way around (I can still see Mel and Goldie being towed past Gassy Jack 🙂 but i’m still quite amazed at the transformation. It’s been great to see old friends and party me ass off (must sleep…)

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The weather has been on and off, it is almost spring (Vancouver time:-) but everyone who has ever lived here KNOWS it fucking RAINS in February – but i guess that Olympic tourism money was just too compelling.

Check out our Guest Author AMBER TURNAU’s personal Blog and incredible tweets covering these Olympics; she even ran into a few celebs along the way 🙂

Amber Turnau with Queen Latifa

Will try to stay sober enough to upload some more shitz and giggles!

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