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Danish Woman Seeking Daddy

Karen and "August"

Help this gorgeous Danish mother find Mr. Right!

POETRY | Marigold Meadows

Marigold Meadow

Let the summer flow
through marigold meadows
And let the flowers glow

Let their petals
Illuminate like
starry windows

Like honeyed halos
Over marigold meadows
Where the lovers go

Where they tread ever so slow
Through the parquetry nettles
Of dandelion gold

They lay their heads on the beds
of the heather that highlights
the show and the marigolds
grow; and there they tender
their loves regrowth as the
zephyr blows; and there they
sparkle as they sow their hearts to
the ether of their shimmering afterglow

In marigold meadows
Where the maggots fester
far below

Americans EARNED Sept. 11th !!


Violent United States policies at home and abroad were the underlying reasons for unprecedented terror attacks in New York City and Washington

“The Americans cannot bomb their way out of this one.  Safety at home requires justice abroad!”

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The Godfather of Mountain Biking

This movie could be entitled “The History of Mountain Biking.” Chronicles the life of Gary Fisher from the invention of the Mountain Bike to Business Mogul. Catch the life of the “Godfather of Mountain Biking.”

Even more AUSTRALIAN Humor

Steve Irwin Memories

A Drover walks into a bar with
a pet crocodile by his side.

He puts the crocodile up on the bar.
He turns to the astonished patrons.
‘I’ll make you a deal. I’ll open this crocodile’s mouth and place my manhood inside.
Then the croc will close his mouth for one minute.

‘Then he’ll open his mouth and I’ll remove my unit unscathed.
In return for witnessing this spectacle, each of you will buy me a drink.’

The crowd murmured their approval.

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Three Million Hits on YouTube

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$11,792,918,170,836.43 +PLUS

Captain Amerikaa

America’s national debt is so large, it doesn’t even fit on most calculators. Western Colorado real estate developer Matt Miles says he was concerned that no one in government, nor most Americans, had ever seen the number. So he made a new calculator. Read the rest of this entry »

SUNDAY | Men overdiagnosed for prostate cancer: Study

Prostate Test

More than one million American men have gone through needless treatment for prostate cancer since the PSA test became common more than 20 years ago, a medical journal study says.

And the study’s author says Canadian men face the same problem of “overdiagnosis,” causing them to have surgery and radiation treatment that can cause impotence, incontinence and pain.
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Jet boating with a skiing legend

Beautiful River
When I was asked to go jet boating in Pemberton with extreme skiing legend Eric Pehota, it was sort of a no brainer. The man has done the unthinkable on skis for more than 20 years, so why wouldn’t you want to rip down a network of glacial rivers with a certified adrenaline junkie?
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FREE Mobile Books For Your Cellphone!

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English :


The Mobile Library – In Japan reading eBooks while on the go is already a big trend. People enjoy to read all kinds of stories while sitting e.g. in the subway train or at the beach. Mobile gaming, taking photos with the built-in camera or even watching television on cellphones is now widely accepted and the Mobile Library adds another interesting new opportunity to make use of current mobile technologies. Mostly all books are ad-sponsored and free downloadable OTA (over-the-air) or from website for manual installation.
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Fanya Yefimovna Kaplan | EXECUTED TODAY in 1918

Fanny KaplanThe Jewish-born political revolutionary Fanny Kaplan was shot at the age of 28 for an attempted assassination of Vladimir Lenin. She approached the Leader near a Moscow factory and fired three shots at him. One passed through Lenin’s coat, the other two hit him in the left shoulder and jaw.

Lenin survived, but his health never fully recovered from the attack and it is believed the shooting contributed to the strokes that incapacitated and later killed him. Kaplan’s implication in the crime is recorded in textbooks and encyclopedias, but some historians question the actual role of Fanny Kaplan in it and many consider the “Kaplan legend” as another Bolshevik canard.

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R.J. Reynolds To The Rescue!

Camel Sticks come in the form of a stick, hence the clever name “Stick.” Camel Orbs are fun little pellets of poison. Camel Strips bear a resemblance to those Listerine breath strip thing-a-ma-fucks.

Camel Sticks come in the form of a stick, hence the clever name “Stick.” Camel Orbs are fun little pellets of poison. Camel Strips bear a resemblance to those Listerine breath strip thing-a-ma-fucks.

It is the general consensus amongst non-smokers that those who do partake of the tobacco, which is laced with many deadly, yet delicious chemicals, neatly wrapped in pretty paper, are the literal equivalent to the literal scum that resides on this earth. In the name of health, and in efforts to rid our society of such foulness, or merely to straight up piss off highly addicted, murderously stressed to fuck smokers, bars and night clubs across the nation continue to ban smoking within their establishments. So, not only are smokers shunned by McDonald’s and other choke ‘n’ puke eateries, but they are also segregated from their fellow booze hounds and barflies. Boohoo!

Fortunately, leading tobacco manufacturer and evil genius, R.J. Reynolds, has devised a brilliant solution that will benefit both smokers and non.

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BEE Stings | Spring in Sydney


It is almost spring
The bees sting incessantly
They zap apart the wounded heart
And prick like friendships torn apart

Their victims are helpless
Their victims are hopeless
They don’t mean anything
They are rather harmless
and they apologise for their inconsistence

But if the blossoms did not flourish
And the garden did not bloom
There’d be no life here to garnish
There’d be no life here to groom

And if the bees did not swarm and
the bees did not sting
There’d be feelings of defiance
In every living thing

Sometimes the bees sting the life right out of me
And for that, I am sorry

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