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1God1Jesus | God loves a fat ass!

American women are fat, and they can thank the Lord for that, as he has provided these good Christians with a healthy appetite and bountiful crops.  The portion sizes in that country spill over their plates, causing their portly bellies to spill over their pants.

An increasing number of american women suffer from what I believe is called, “Mushroom butt.”

“Mushroom butt,” if I am correct, is a term used to describe the flesh that “mushrooms,” or plumps, if you will, just above the waist line of those very popular, hip hugging Pantaloon’s.

The problem seems to be that these grotesque figures of God own image, enjoy wearing the smallest amount of clothing possible, which for a normal human might be the same as wearing a king sized bed sheet or a tent.  Where do these people go to get their clothing?


Can you imagine the little sinning Chinese atheist lady who’s a size 4 making these garments that are probably as big as her apartment?  She must think,” fucking hell, are all Americans the fucking size of zoo animals?”

Well… the answer to that is YES, yes they are. They are all good God fearing morbidly obese heart disease and diabeties riddled disgusting fat lards, and its all thanks to our Lord Jesus constantly giving and providing to the people who worship him the most, fat lazy people who refuse to lift a finger for themselves because God will do every thing that they pray for… everything! Sooooo… Size 4 Chinawoman, stop whinging and complaining that you work 100 hours a week and still have nothing, this is what atheism provides you with, nothing!

Join God’s army now and you too will see the love of the Lord pile onto your dangerously thin body , mainly on your thighs and stomach.

Got it – knock yourself out 🙂

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  RS wrote @

Is it OK to be a fat atheist?


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