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Archive for June 19, 2009

Xplosive e-mail rocks the RCMP Taser inquiry!


New evidence contradicting RCMP police testimony has derailed a Canadian inquiry.

VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA – One single sentence contained in an email between RCMP brass in the weeks after Robert Dziekanski died has derailed a public inquiry, raising questions yet again about the testimony of four police officers and prompting calls for further investigation of the national police force.
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Her snoring is driving me crazy!

snore-guardQUESTION: I’ve been living with a wonderful girl that I love deeply for about a year now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her except for one little thing. She snores. Very loud and all night long!

I’ve tried everything including sleeping on the couch in the other room but we live in a small studio-like apartment so it doesn’t make an ounce of difference in the noise level. I’m becoming a physical and emotional wreck without sleep and I can’t take it anymore. Any ideas on what I could do? HELP! – David in Las Vegas

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