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A Tragedy in Various Acts
by Louis P. Jaennette

DeadcockFrankie strolled around my house in nothing but gym shorts. He’d been there for three days and I was tired of him. I jumped on his back and hooked my toes over his shorts.

Frankie whirled and slammed me into the wall. I got my arms around his neck and held on. He whirled again, lost his balance, and fell to his knees, skidding on the carpet.

“Yeeeee!” he squealed.

I jumped off his back, grabbed the stupid gym shorts, and ripped them from his wobbling ass. His little nipples scraped upon the carpet as I pulled off the shorts.

“Aarrrrrrhhee!” His screaming pitched higher.

My dick became engorged.

Frankie scurried to his feet and staggered headlong down the narrow hallway. I caught him quickly, with loping gaits, and pulled the gym shorts over his head. Down to the carpet he went with me on his back. My dick landed right in his butt crack. He raised his ass to try and flee, but I had a grip on the gym shorts and buried the head of my dick in his ass.


I could get it in no further. There was a burning pain around the shaft.

“It hurts, it hurts, it HURTS!” Frankie was breathing hard under the gym shorts.

“Goddamn, tell me about it!” I said.

I pulled the head of my dick out of his ass, half expecting to see veins and corpuscles where the head used to be. The head was still there, covered with a slime of unknown origin.

Frankie farted gently and the same slime bubbled from his butthole.

I buried my dick to the halfway ring.

“Yaaaahhh!!” Frankie squalled.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout”, I said. “I told you to leave yesterday.”

“I’ll leave! I’ll leave!”

“Too fuckin’ late.”

This shit was starting to work for me. I worked my cock in and out with small strokes, gaining ground in centimeters.

“Ooo yeah”

“Pull it out! Pull it out! Hunnnnnngg!”

My cock was buried balls deep. The whole hallway smelled like fresh shit. I could hear Frankie breathing steady under the gym shorts. I rammed it home steadily now. Little farting noises came from his ass on the thrust in. Frankie grunted pooping grunts as I pulled out. It felt like his ass was pushing my dick out, shitting my dick out. I loved it.

Then I felt the burn in my nuts. I knew I was gonna blow my load into Frankie’s guts.

“Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhggggg yeah yeah yeah yeah yeeeaaahhhhiiuiaahhh….”

I fell onto Frankie’s back, collapsing like a corpse. His ass heaved and my cock popped out. There was a peanut attached to the head of my dick. A piece of lettuce or something was wrapped around the shaft.

“You ate my cocktail nuts?? Get out you homesteader!”

And off he went.

Fuck Frankie.

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