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Archive for June 18, 2009

Rufus Wainwright | Press Conference (Israel 25.11)


A Tragedy in Various Acts
by Louis P. Jaennette

DeadcockFrankie strolled around my house in nothing but gym shorts. He’d been there for three days and I was tired of him. I jumped on his back and hooked my toes over his shorts.

Frankie whirled and slammed me into the wall. I got my arms around his neck and held on. He whirled again, lost his balance, and fell to his knees, skidding on the carpet.

“Yeeeee!” he squealed.

I jumped off his back, grabbed the stupid gym shorts, and ripped them from his wobbling ass. His little nipples scraped upon the carpet as I pulled off the shorts.

“Aarrrrrrhhee!” His screaming pitched higher.
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