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Crappy Presence | Is this an acceptable Fathers Day gift?

This is a real product - I shit you not...

BREEZY SEAT air freshening toilet seat. WTF!?

Technical Details

  • fits oval and round toilets (WHEW!)
  • Destroys odors before escaping from the toilet
  • New system Keeps odors and germs in toilet
  • Uses NANO-MODULE (odor destroying technology)
  • Replaces costly bathroom fresheners
  • Self-contained and power outlet not required
  • Dimensions: 15 x 4 x 20 inches ; 7 pounds !!

Product Description

Automatically destroys odors before escaping from the toilet. Breezy Seat does not mask odors; it uses NANO-MODULE (odor destyoying technology). Breezy Seat’s perfect system keeps your bathroom smelling fresh at a affordable cost of approximately two dollars a month. This system is far superior to conventional bathroom products used after the odor escapes from the toilet. Maintenance is a breeze requiring a minute every two months.Breezy Seat Underside

Breezy Seat’s unique hinge design allows it to fit oval and round commodes. On round commodes,seat extends slightly past the edge to give you the comfort of an oval toilet.

[Editor’s Note:  soooo THIS is what they were talkin’ bout when they said “your shit don’t stink!”]

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