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Archive for May 30, 2009

Blackbirding | Queensland’s Shameful Past, 1860s-1901

Blackbirding refers to the recruitment of people through trickery and kidnappings to work on the sugar cane plantations of Australia and Fiji.


The blackbirding schooner Daphne was seized by the HMS Rosario in 1869, and its passengers freed

Those ‘blackbirded’ were recruited from the indigenous populations of nearby Pacific islands or northern Queensland. In the early days of the pearling industry in Broome, local Aboriginal people were blackbirded from the surrounding areas, including aboriginal people from desert areas.

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Craigslist: The Internet’s Back Alley

Not long ago, prostitutes were restricted to offering their services on seedy street corners or in shady bars, or through oblique ads in the back pages of alternative newspapers.



Now many have gone high-tech, taking their businesses online. Internet sex ads now populate supposedly clean and family-friendly commercial zones with thinly veiled solicitations—and create an environment where sex workers, their clients and even innocent bystanders can find themselves in serious danger.
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