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Canadians prepare for new USA June 1st passport entry rules


New border-crossing rules take effect on Monday

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, tightens documentation rules for entry into the U.S. from Canada, requiring everyone to have passports or special driver’s licenses.

New border-crossing rules take effect on Monday.

US Customs and Border Protection, galvanized by their successful efforts to prevent Sebastian Horsley from entering the United States, have decided to take things further in an effort to protect America from itself.

Starting on June 1st, 2009, all writers who look or sound even remotely foreign — and that includes those pesky Canucks who don’t know how to pronounce “about” correctly — will be prevented from entering the American homeland.

“Frankly, these foreign writers all sound a little faggy,” said Cletus Dorrell, a 44-year-old director who rose up the ranks quickly because of his commitment to stubbing out moral turpitude. “And we have plenty of writers here in America.

Just look at John Grisham!”

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