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NEWZ | Meebo Meetup Tokyo!


As many of you already know, in STUDIO® Seven we use MEEBO exclusively for listener interaction. Friends of ours and the Meebo crews recently held a meetup in Tokyo. Here is their report.

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Meebo Meetup Tokyo

I’m back from my trip, and I must say that Tokyo is an incredible city! The weather was great, the people were so friendly, the food was spectacular, and I got to meet a great (and diverse!) bunch of Meebo users!

Last Thursday, we had our Meebo meetup at the Hobgoblin Pub in Shibuya, Tokyo. Altogether about a dozen people showed up. When I got to the meetup, the first two people to greet me were Dansyaku and Hiroko. I could tell instantly that these two loved Meebo! Soon we were joined by Paul from Australia, Kaoru of Japan, and Nathan, a network admin from Canada. I also met Roy from Chicago and Nadhry from Indonesia, who are both studying in Japan. Special thanks also to Matthias, Arielle, and Katherine for coming out and hanging with us.


Melissa and her brother Colin deserve a special shout out. Melissa came to the Meebo meetup and asked what Meebo was all about. As it turns out, Melissa was sent by her brother Colin to get a Meebo T-Shirt. Colin, I hope you enjoy the t-shirt – you owe your sister one.

There was a fun moment when everyone pulled out their cell phones to show me what they are using in Japan. The phones were bigger than I had expected. Every phone seems to have TV on it. That’s right: Television. Also, people don’t SMS in Japan. They actually just send email.

And I guess we know they use IM too, being Meebo users and all.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and warm invitations! Keep an eye on our blog for the next meetup!

Check out the photos

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