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Archive for April 27, 2009

Louis | swine flu humiliation

i have to go to the hospital tomorrow to get my knee gandered at AGAIN by an m.d. that will refer me to a specialist and give me another extension of my off-work order.
my wife will drive me. it hurts to step on the brakes and i must admit to using other cars to stop my momentum in the
my wife insists we will wear those blue masks when we enter the hospital to avoid getting caught up in the beginning of the apocalypse. she’d rather stick around for the drama in the middle..or the end.
my one concern about going into the hospital is wearing the blue mask. i might be quarantined or simply executed on the spot.
i’ve been using a cane, but now both knee’s are going. i have a walker in the garage that i threaten to give to certain old-timers in a.a.
criminy. i might have to use it myself, or allow my wife to fetch a wheelchair, and push me in with my blue mask indicating that the swine flu has incapacitated me to the point of non-ambulation.
my doctor is hesitant to prescribe pain medication to me. he thinks i’m some kind of drug addict. heh
he also thinks i might be faking this whole thing so i dont have to go to work, and can sit home and drink wine. heh

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Ich bin eine leidenschaftliche Bahnfahrerin. Entspannt durch die Landschaft zu rollen im Wechsel der Jahreszeiten macht mir Freude. Was tut’s, wenn  mal ein Zug Verspätung hat oder  einer eventuell ganz ausfällt. Dann gibt es auch außergewöhnliche Erlebnisse, wie zum Beispiel, dass die Regionalbahn vor einer Straßenschranke anhält, der Lokführer aussteigt und manuell das Schließen der Schranke auslöst, einsteigt, Zug weiterfährt, anhält, Fahrer aussteigt, Schranke manuell öffnen läßt, einsteigt und weiterfährt.

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