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Beside Thy Death Bed Mourning

By thy death bed
We, as solemn caretakers, mourn
Silent as the breeze
That gently squeezes
Life’s blood into insolvency
With the moaning drone of expectancy
We are brought to our knees
As we recite our prayers
For all the love we feel for thee


For all the times we have forsaken
Our spirituality; cast out the need
Of our deepest yearnings and cluttered
Our souls, unholy and empty with the
Whisky, the wine, the fruitless desires
And countless hours of wasted disharmony

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

We, as pontiffs, raise our thirsty
Steins to the heavens and plead
With the hypocrisy of all sinners ~
Oh, life blood of the heavens
Restore our blasphemous, sacrilegious
Religious entities
From whence our freedom has been slung
And from whence our hearts so heartily belong

In this embryonic eternity
Where all life is bled bare
And the death of our dichotomy
Opens like a clamshell
To be fed fresh air
And the dew drop pearls
Glisten with your famished prayers
And dance and caress
With the forbidden algae

Down by thy death bed
Down by the sea
We are raised as nymphs now
You give us a glimpse now
For you answer the prayers
Of all sinners
Somber by thy death bed
And from your oasis
We are shown the first signs
Of the Nirvana to be

From thy death bed
Your haughty rhymes
Chime with clarity
And eventually ~
Our prayers shall succeed


  Peter Piper wrote @

Bit morbid I think but this poet should progress well.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Yes, she is a bit DARK, but that’s why we love her 🙂


  Antoine wrote @

Salut! Ce poeme est tres bonne – mais c’est somber. Il est tres inquietant et jette un eclairage nouveau sur les existence. Bonsoir Peter Piper – elle seras reussir!


  Viola Bow wrote @

Bonjour! It is the morbid one here! Thank you for your comments….it was written at a morbid time which has thankfully improved somewhat! I am a little ignorant with the French so pls forgive me there but it is a delight to read. xxx


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