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Josef Fritzl | DRECKSAU!!!!!!!

He raped her repeatedly, fathering her seven children, one of whom died. Three of the children — aged 19, 18 and five — were kept in the dungeon with her and NEVER saw daylight. She says her father regularly bullied them into subdued silence, punishing them if they dared to answer back.


Austrian police say it is one of the nation’s worst-ever crimes.

Near Amstetten, Austria: The Cellar of Terror

Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, was held captive by her rapist dad Josef in a windowless cellar for 24 years after he lied to relatives that his daughter had run away.

Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, was held captive by her rapist dad Josef in a windowless cellar for 24 years after he lied to relatives that his daughter had run away.

‘Mummy used to call me Satan’, he said.
She said ‘I was good for nothing’ and
then he readily confessed he kept her bricked
in sealed confines until her own untimely death.

Josef Fritzl, you are the keeper of the damned.
You preyed upon the lambs with malevolent command
And your own daughter, what of her?

Condemned to 24 years in hell;
a hell much worse than hell,
Of that we can be certain;
with yet more horrors looming
and terrors loudly lurking.

For poor Elisabeth suffered
what it is to live in gloom, listening
for footsteps in the tiniest of rooms
with eight secured doors confining
captives you consumed.
This woman you entombed
who suffered rape and incest
each night with sobbing unrest
awaiting daddy’s conquest.

She never saw the colour blue,
the radiance of sunlight
or majesty of moon.
She did not speak to others,
except your children that she bore
and she learnt that love is evil,
And of that we can be sure.

Hideous creature of inbreds,
Does your evil know no bounds?
We carried on our lives
Unaware your wicked sound
And all the while you barrowed
in the clothing and the food
The concrete for extensions
More enslavement for your brood.

The lies you told the neighbours
and the threats you did convey

Don’t enter in my dungeon cos
for that you’ll surely pay.
The rebel child, you told them,
Has left to join a cult

And not one of them did question
Or acknowledge your assault.

But who of us would ponder a hand
so poorly dealt, a daughter locked
in chamber and the feelings that
she felt? Who of us could save
her when her world was so well cloaked,
a clandestine protector that your devil
seed invoked.

For seven innocent children Elisabeth did bear
In circumstance so horrid in daddy’s deadly lair

What mother could imagine the anguish and despair
As she tried in vain to fend them in their tomb devoid of air?

And of those seven babies, three were chosen at command
To live upstairs with grandma, their uncles and their aunts
The rest were left to huddle, desensitised, alone
And what would mother fear from past experiences she’d known?

What age would you decide was ripe for molestation?
What distractions would she render to garnish your attention?
For with the death of one babe you did nowt to intervene
You just fed him to the ashes like the lamb to wolverine.

After 24 years
And with another death nearby
You decided to allow Kerstin,
Elisabeth at her side,
A trip she’d thought impossible
After years of violation
You let them to the hospital
Thus exposed your aberration.

And now Herr Josef Fritzl, you may rot inside your cell
A cell I’m sure is cosier than your families life of hell
The news is still emerging of your sordid, sick facade
You may say you’re born a rapist and astound with your remarks
You’ve left a family damaged unlikely to be fixed
I return to you an answer and I name you 666.

Evil: Father Josef Fritzl

Evil: Father Josef Fritzl


  Viola wrote @

The Fritzl case is coming to trial this week. There can only be one verdict here, surely!


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Yes Viola, I fully agree. I can still remember vividly my reaction to this when the story 1st broke last year. Disgust surely, yet an overwhelming sense of DISBELIEF! How is it possible to be so cold, calculating and SELFISH? An affront to all German SPEAKING people everywhere. In fact, an evil blister on humanity. I am against the death penalty in all it’s forms. POETIC justice could not be closer than to lock up THIS fucktard’s ass for HIS 24 Year period 🙂 How delicious. (I DO believe in revenge 🙂 Served COLD.


  Viola Bow wrote @

Well Mr. A….fortunately, he has more than 24 years of punishment but at his age, how long will he really get his just deserts? I love that Elisabeth was in the court room and that appears to have made him lose ANY confidence…good for her! What a woman is all I can think!

He is not insane! Everything was planned and co-ordinated…this evil doing did not happen suddenly in a “psychotic” episode.

A true psychopath exhibiting true evil. And it is STILL beyond belief.


  Kathy wrote @

May this bastard rot in hell!!!!!!!!!


  Viola wrote @

I really want someone to write a book about this devilish creature. It needs to be would one go about this, do u think? I mean, in the first place he kept his own mother locked up…read some of his history…pure evil from day one.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Caution Viola… HATE leads to the DARK side. Instead of labelling him as evil, writing a book about him is a positive step. Used to INFORM and shed some light inside this twisted mind, may possibly prevent another boy from becoming a monster. PREVENTION is the key.


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