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Louis Peon | bent typing

teasing out the thoughts. fear of writing has crippled the honesty. fear of honesty crippled the typer.
fear of tags, categories, typing errors and misspelled words.
fear my wife will look at my blog.merlot

merlot. anew.

the deal is,
a couple weeks ago me and the drunken carpenter got together with a four track, a guitar, a harmonica and a box of burgundy.
i hadnt touched wine in over 6 years.
the awful truth is i enjoyed myself immensely.
its a fantasy that will feed the insanity for years to come.

i dont play any instruments. i sang and improvised words to the carpenters’ blues inflected jazz. something about crawling around, searching for my knees.
drinking excessively raises my blood pressure. thanks to the blood pressure cup i bought, i now monitor my bp daily and now i know when its high just from the way i feel.

i lost 3 friends this year. lost them to insanity.
i’m holed up today. drinking merlot. red wine. watching factotem. doesntseemwasted.

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