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Archive for December 22, 2008

Off the wagon…

totally-drunkits kinda like what they say. 1 drink and then its ticking like the telltale heart. the bottle on top of the fridge. i tend the garden on a gift of a day off and my wife comes home from work expecting a corpse on the couch.
i used thick branches to border my beans. its very artistic.
i’m awake and she’s happy. i enjoyed 2 ounces of jim beam while i sweated the new but familiar alcoholic sweat. i moved dirt, weeded, created borders and mowed the front yard.
the funny thing is the day after drinking. the tailgaiters arent so close. the buttwads just ruin their own lives, my iq drops and my insight wanes.
bruce cockburn articulated it well…. the clarity of light, vs. the charity of night. its a barnburner, and for years i supported the clarity of light.
it wanes like the moon. right now its the charity of night. my wife went to bed angry. dont they all eventually. its my shit now.
i’ve seen too much. its my shit now.