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Andrea® ANSWERS: He refuses to see his daughter!

This Week’s QUESTION:

I am a 31 year old woman with an eleven year old daughter.

Recently I became involved with a young man who lives below me and just found out I am pregnant. When I told my daughter’s father about the baby he was absolutely furious and now refuses to see his daughter. When I asked him why he won’t see her he said it was because he can’t stand to look at me pregnant with another man’s child.

In the 11 years that we’ve been together he has been married twice and has five other children with three different women! I know you can’t compare the two situations but I feel horrible about hurting him like this.

How can I get him to understand that he’s the only man for me and that sleeping with this other guy didn’t mean a thing?

– Laura in Minnesota

OMG! Between the two of you I don’t know who the bigger idiot actually is!

On second thought after re-reading your crazy question Laura, I’m going to say YOU. Telling you what to do would probably be a waste of time since playing the doormat for this guy is obviously something that’s incredibly appealing to you. Why else would you let this jerk wipe his dirty feet on you for so many years?

That being said, I can only see one way out of your dilemma. Hand your daughter over to the state so she can go into the foster care system! – give the baby up for adoption, and then kill the new baby’s daddy so Mr. Feet Wiper doesn’t have to see him when he comes over periodically to get laid and relieve you of some of your hard earned cash.

Andrea Walker

I would also give serious consideration to legally having your name changed to Debbie Doormat.

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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