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JOIN us on Monday September 15th 2008,
for an exclusive InterView!™ with our Special Musical Guest, Acclaimed American Rock Guitarist: Ms. Amy Schugar

“This girl is a triple threat – songwriter, vocalist and virtuoso guitarist. She has a great look and guitar playing skills that blow most guy guitarists away!”

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Amy Schugar has been featured in countless trade publications and magazines world wide and is also interviewed in the September Issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

ALSO on the programme:

Mini Marilyn Manson’s stage show highlights the theatre and music of Marilyn Manson

Mini Marilyn Manson

Voting Ends August 31st

I created Mini Manson with the intention of being the best shock rock little person act out there today and not just a reason to put a midget on stage with make up.

“Mini Marilyn Manson is strictly a tribute to the man himself with a twist. You can’t kill me motherfuckers!

-Mini Manson

with GUEST Hosts:



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  Robin Lynne wrote @

I have a couple of sites I’m gonna post that link to and I will be tuning in myself. Break a leg Amy


  Kristiann wrote @

Hey Amy, I know your cousin Nan and she just sent me a link for your site! I play acoustic, sing and write too and just wanted to let you know that you are AWESOME!!! Peace and Love, Kristiann


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