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Update: Lawyers vs Your Privacy

On the 4th of July 2008, Google received a court order to produce ALL of their users viewing history data. This means YOURS too!

We are pleased to report that Viacom, MTV and other litigants have backed off their original demand for all users’ viewing histories and we will not be providing that information. (Read the official legalese here.)

In addition, Viacom and the plaintiffs had originally demanded access to users’ private videos, our search technology, and our video identification technology. Our lawyers strongly opposed each of those demands and the court sided with us.

We’ll keep you informed of any important developments in this lawsuit. We remain committed to protecting your privacy and we’ll continue to fight for your right to share and broadcast your work on YouTube.

The YouTube Team

Ed. – I find it quite disturbing that these scumbag lawmakers are willing to slip in this insidious legislation on INDEPENDENCE DAY!! – When people are BUSY and therefor cannot pay attention to the EROSION of their independence !!

Here is ANOTHER sign of things to come.

The EU Parliament has passed a law calling for the EU ISP’s and Phone companies to retain certain records for at least six months. This means if you live in a EU country as over 450 million people do, that the following data will be saved by your ISP for at least six months:

  • Every Website you ever visited with time and date stamp
  • Every file you ever downloaded using FTP or P2P
  • A record of every e-mail sent and received, possible e-mail content too.
  • The name, time, date, etc of every one you chatted with via an IM program and possibly the logs of the chats.
  • Every Forum you posted on or visited
  • Logs of IRC sessions

This means that if YOU are one of these 450 million people and you want want privacy, you will need us!

The EU‘s law allows the individual countries to pass their own laws that have minimum data retention guidelines (as stated above) but the countries can elect to retain data for longer periods, for instance Poland is planning on retaining data for 15 years, imagine that!

If an EU person uses our service all their ISP will have is a log that shows the user connected to one of our servers outside of the EU. From that point on all data will be encrypted using 128 bit SSL military grade encryption which can take decades to decrypt. They can also use our e-mail service privately. Remember in a civil lawsuit the records will be obtainable by spouses in divorce proceedings, employer/employee disputes, and general lawsuits – imagine having your entire internet activities entered into court as public record in some divorce proceeding!!!

Sign up for our iNCOGNITO! service today !

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