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Secret Mormon Ritual: Bizzarre

Secret ritual one must take to become a Mormon. Very similar to the mason rituals. The Mormon church sued to get this footage banned from public release. Good luck with that! 🙂


  Tom Jones wrote @

You must not say that one has to undergo the temple ritual to become a Mormon. About 80% of Mormons don’t go to the temple. My wife was back in the LDS Church for 23 years before she had her endowment in the Temple. When we misrepresent Mormonism, even slightly, it discredits us and everything else we say in their minds and even in the minds of some of their investigators who see that as persecution and Christian ignorance.

[Ed.] Dear Tom… This video looks to be from the sixties. Lighten up 🙂

  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Hey Tom: ANYONE who thinks they are going to die and become a GOD has bigger problems than some fucked up videoclip. Oh, yeah,
HOW IS your wife? Give her a kiss for me will ya!

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