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SONDAY: Happy Mother’s Day !

Norman & Mother, Early 1941Just a friendly reminder to all our listeners, Mum’s day is here! – and we all know what happens if you forget… Butt Seriously

Mr. Anonymous® Cast & Crew extend warm wishes for a wonderful day to all Mothers :

  • (Catalan) Feliç Dia de la Mare
  • (Croatian) Sretan Majcin dan
  • (Danish) Tillykke med mors dag
  • (Dutch) Gelukkig Moederdag
  • (Hungarian) Boldog Anyák/Napját kivánok
  • (Italian) Buona festa della Mamma
  • (Japanese) Haha nohi omedeto
  • (Korean) Omoninalul chukahamnida
  • (Lithuanian) Sveikinu (from one) or Sveikiname (from many) su Mamos Diena
  • (Norwegian) Mors dag
  • (Polish) Szczesliwego dnia matki
  • (Portuguese) Feliz dia de las Mães
  • (Russian) S dnëm Materi
  • (Swedish) Har den äran på Mors dag
  • (Turkish) Mutlu (or Hos) Anne Günü

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