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Dan Power: Your April Fool !!

Dan Power, the energy wasting guy, is our April Fool – and he really is a fool. A ‘grade A’ fool. OK, we know he’s kind of funny, but people like him are messing with our planet every day.

Who needs “toasty undercrackers” in the morning anyway?

Let’s face it, wasting energy is a rather silly thing to do: it’s throwing money and the climate down the drain. And the fact is, it’s never been easier to SAVE energy. Together is a campaign which gives you easy ways to fight climate change. We work with our partners, some of Britain’s biggest brand names, to bring these solutions to you. And we show you how the little, smart things you do can add up to a big difference in the fight against climate change. Check out our togetheriser to see how much people like you have saved already.

Have a look and join us at Together – and whatever you do, please don’t be Energy Wasting guy!

Click here to find some really easy things you can do to save energy.

Join Together and we’ll keep you updated on our latest antics.


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