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RANT! Goddamnit…

djmoose-avatar.jpgOkay…I feel the need to rant about something that’s been pissing me off. And those of you who know me best realize that I have not pet peeves, but major psychotic fuckin hatreds (Thanks to George Carlin for that quote.)

Dog the Bounty Hunter. Where the fuck is he? I haven’t seen or heard anything since the “N word incident”… He’s disappeared from the A&E TV Network… his website hasn’t been touched. It’s like… some African Americans heard him say the N Word … and because everybody in the world of television are overly sensitive P.C. pussies… Dog is wiped out of existence amid fears that sponsors of A&E will pull their sponsorship for fear of being associated with a racist. Well what the fuck???

I want Dog the Bounty Hunter back. He’s a good bounty hunter and an inspiration to me personally. Is he racist? Maybe… Does he use words he ought not to use, particularly in the company of certain members of a minority group? Surely. But who cares. It’s a free fucking country and the freedom of speech that men and women have fought and died to protect gives him the right to say what he wants without fear of retribution… Or does it?

Apparently not. Freedom of speech does not give one the right to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theatre. Apparently, it does not afford one the right to say “Nigger” in a recorded phone call that is leaked to the media either…

Fucking over sensitive people. Yes, slavery was horrible. But it’s over. New Jersey, my home state, has just passed legislation to be complete pussies and officially apologize to the African American community at large for the horrors of slavery that their ancestors may (or may not) have had to endure. What the fuck is that about?! Nobody involved in writing the legistation or passing it ever owned a slave. Chances are, neither did their grandparents, or possibly great-grand-parents. And New Jersey was a Northern State for fuck sake… I thought the states most responsible for slavery were those who ceeded from these united states during the civil war and fought and died for their right to “own niggers” to work on their affluent families gigantic plantations… At least that’s what I recollect from my high school American History classes…

How many slaves could possibly have been owned in New Jersey to begin with. Is this legislation worth a fucking thing besides to relieve the guilt of white republicans over something their long-dead ancestors may or may not have done? Who gives a fuck. If you didn’t do it, why the fuck are you apologizing for it. That would be like me apologizing on behalf of my long dead Irish ancestors for killing Englishmen during Ireland’s fight for independence from the United Kingdom. Even if I believe, as I do, that Ireland had a god given right to be an independent entity, regardless of its founding.

For fuck sake… when will the human race evolve beyond the need for such long-overdue apologies and learn that words don’t hurt that fucking much. Or at least, they shouldn’t.


That is all…

Your friend the DJ Moose

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